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Live updates: Egypt’s first post-Mubarak elections kick off


An old man reads a ballot paper before casting his vote at a polling station during parliamentary elections in Cairo  

Egypt’s Copts view election with concern


Marginalised for years, Coptic Christians struggle to define their status as a new government takes shape.    

Egypt’s Copts worry about election outcome


ALEXANDRIA, Egypt — Looking out at the Mediterranean Sea from this ancient port city’s dilapidated Corniche, the chaos and political violence of Cairo seems a world away, rather than a two-hour trip by train.

Egyptian Australians demand democracy


Egyptian Australians have marched on consulates here demanding a swift end to military rule and a smooth passage to democracy through this week’s elections.  

Deadly clashes grip Tahrir Square


Police and military forces used batons, tear gas and birdshot to clear the central square of thousands of protesters demanding that the ruling military cede power to a civilian authority.    

Deadly clashes erupt in Cairo


At least seven people have been killed as security forces try to clear protesters from Cairo’s Tahrir Square, casting a dark shadow over Egypt’s first elections since Hosni Mubarak’s downfall.    

Dozens hurt as Christian march attacked in Cairo

A Egyptian man throws back a teargas canister fired by policemen (AFP)

AIRO — Hundreds of Coptic Christians marching in Cairo on Thursday came under attack by assailants throwing stones and bottles and 25 people were lightly injured in subsequent clashes, a security official said.  

Arab spring’s danger signs


IT IS heartbreaking to see photographs of Lance-Cpl Luke Gavin with the wife and three small children he left behind, when he was killed while serving in Afghanistan on the weekend.  

Revolution Hijacked


With over 50 new political parties, the upcoming round of elections draw many candidates to Tahrir Square each week hoping to influence the voters.    

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