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Australian Copts Boycott Local Revolution Party – Endorse protests


The fabric of Egypt’s political garments may have altered, however the ideals of democracy and equality espoused by Egypt’s original revolutionaries have not.    

Egypt’s Christians Celebrate Christmas Amid Fears

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CAIRO — Egypt’s Christians celebrated Saturday their first Christmas after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, amid tight security and a display of national unity to allay fears of the growing power of Islamists.    

From The White House


Statement by the President on the Celebration of Coptic Christmas    

Festive joy is totally Orthodox


IT’S not just children who look forward to Christmas in Monica Mikhail’s family.    

The dinner launch of St Maurice Aged Care (Sydney) 19 February 2011


Organised by the St Maurice Aged Care Committee, under the umbrella of C.O.P.T.S of Australia Inc, an information dinner event has been organised to present the committee’s plans and ideas on the acquisition of an Aged Care Facility for the Coptic Community.    

Coptic Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas

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Coptic Orthodox Christians celebrate the feast of the nativity today according to Julian Calendar along with several other Orthodox Churches.    

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