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Egypt’s election fever comes to Garbage City


CAIRO — Election fever has even come to Cairo’s Garbage City, the sprawling neighborhood built on — and living from — the waste of the Egyptian capital.    

Egypt’s second republic


The country’s new president, whoever he is, will face political and economic challenges aplenty    

Copts to shun Islamists in Egypt’s presidential vote


(Reuters) – Egypt’s Coptic Christians complained of discrimination under Hosni Mubarak but fear it may get worse if an Islamist takes his place in next week’s presidential election.    

When Defending Victims of Injustice, Do Not Spare Your Money or Possessions


An article by Archpriest Mathias Nasr.      

“Islamist candidate attempts to reach out to the Coptic vote”

Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh

Egyptian crowds roar for presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, who has called for unity, protection of civil liberties and separation of religion and politics.    

“If supporting Copts a crime, we are all criminals” on Blogging Day to support 8 detainees

Egyptian activists declared Thursday May 3, a blogging day to support 8 activists, who were detained over their support of the Coptic marches that followed the 2011 New Year’s Day bombing, which killed 21 worshipers in Alexandria.    

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