“If supporting Copts a crime, we are all criminals” on Blogging Day to support 8 detainees


Egyptian activists declared Thursday May 3, a blogging day to support 8 activists, who were detained over their support of the Coptic marches that followed the 2011 New Year’s Day bombing, which killed 21 worshipers in Alexandria.



Activists dubbed Thursday as, “If supporting Copts is a crime, we are all criminals,” with the intention of raising awareness about their case’s appeal on May 13.

The 8 activists were arrested when they took part in a human shield outside the Virgin Mary church in Cairo’s neighborhood of Massarah early in 2011.

They were arrested and referred to an emergency trial and each was handed a two-year sentence for “attacking police forces, rioting and destroying public property.”

The activists are Mostafa Mohey al-Deen, Ahmed Ref’at, Tamer al-Sady, Diaa Ahmed, Amr Mohamed, Mohamed Atef, Mohamed Nagy and Mostafa Shawky.

The activists were released at the time, but later found out that a two-year court sentence had been issued against them after the Egyptian revolution of January and February 2011.

The rights community has raised serious doubts over the credibility of the former regime investigations and demand the case be dismissed as many members of the former ministry of interior are now facing trial for crimes committed against peaceful protesters.

An estimated number of 1,500 people were killed during the 18 days of protests that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak and his regime.

Police forces opened fire at protesters and snipers were used from rooftops to eliminate them.

“The January 25 revolutionists are facing a collective punishment by the state for daring to dream of freedom, change and social justice,” said the initiative Facebook page.

“From prison sentences and military trails to cracking down on peaceful protests aimed realize the demands of the uprising.”


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