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The St Shenouda Monastery fundraising dinner


St Shenouda’s Monastery would like to announce that a fundraising dinner will be held to raise money for the proposed new building complex  project.  

ACM’s tribute to HH Pope Shenouda to be included in a text book


We are pleased to advise that our tribute dedicated to His Holiness Pope Shenouda III <> has been included as an exercise in a textbook used by The Sydney Community College.    

Building Another Pyramid for Egypt: How to Organize a Diaspora

Diaspora Engagement Pyramid(Groups)

By: Nathan Hollenbeck An article  which highlights the work of Coptic Orphans and shed light on the findings of the first in-depth study of the Coptic Diaspora conducted by George Washington University in collaboration with Coptic Orphans.  

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom


Katrina Lantos Swett: Egyptian Tolerance is Democracy Barometer.    

Egypt’s Copts: At the Mercy of Mursi


Egypt’s Christian Copts fear discrimination under Muslim Brotherhood rule.      

ACM Statement: Copts protest Clinton’s visit to Egypt


An Australian Coptic Movement Statement regarding Clinton’s visit to Egypt.      

Lord Alton addresses Washington Conference on plight of Egypt’s Copts


Respect for religious liberty and minorities – the hallmarks of a civilised society was the title of a speech delivered by Lord Alton yesterday at the Washington Conference on the Plight of Egypt’s Copts held in the Capitol building of the American Congress yesterday, 28 June.

Exodus Youth Worx


As the political scene of Egypt unfolds, Coptic Australians voice their concerns at Exodus and gather together to support each other through these trialling times, discovering their identity on the way.

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