ACM Statement: Copts protest Clinton’s visit to Egypt


An Australian Coptic Movement Statement regarding Clinton’s visit to Egypt.




Thousands of Coptic Christian protestors, joined by moderate Muslims and other non-Islamist political groups and organisations, have gathered outside the US Embassy in Cairo and other districts of Cairo and Alexandria to call for an end to the US Administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood under President Obama’s leadership.

Events have been unfolding at a lightning speed pace in recent months as Egypt enters a new and potentially dark era, where the Mubarak-Military dictatorship is gradually being replaced with a Mursi-Military Islamist dictatorship.

The USA Embassy in Cairo has responded to enquiries from The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) and reiterated that they do not support one group over another.  However, actions speak louder than words.

Senior US officials have been engaging in meetings with the “Supreme Guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim Brotherhood members.  These meeting took place well before the recent Presidential campaign commenced.  The ACM is not aware of any such meetings held by Senior US officials with the likes of prominent Coptic politician Naguib Sawiris or other liberal, non-Islamist groups or parties.

The US State Department has made reference to “Women and Minority Groups” as if they are some sort of side ‘fringe’ group within Egyptian society. Women and Coptic Christians compose a large part of Egypt’s population and are not a ‘minority’.  The ACM notes that many women have been pressured or harassed into wearing the hijab in Egypt even if though they may not be Muslims.

The ACM wishes to know Secretary Clinton’s position on the many massacres that were carried out by the Egyptian Military between 25 Jan 2011 and 9 October 2011.

The ACM calls for an end to military aid being given to the Egyptian military and request that these funds be re-directed to slum cities of the Mokattam Mountains and Ezbet Al Nakhl where thousands are living in atrocious conditions.  $1.5 billion in funding to these areas will instantly improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people facing bleak futures.

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