ACM’s tribute to HH Pope Shenouda to be included in a text book


We are pleased to advise that our tribute dedicated to His Holiness Pope Shenouda III <> has been included as an exercise in a textbook used by The Sydney Community College.



Because the tribute is required reading, thousands of Australian students will learn about Coptic Christianity and the grim reality facing Christians in Egypt.

The textbook is titled The Writer’s Manifesto: Rules for Writing with Class, and it was written by the prominent writer Mr Ramy Tadros, who is the director of Proton Writing Consultants Pty Ltd. Tadros is also the author of two other books: Regression (Coptic Spring, #1) and Understanding a Wager, which was a bestseller.

The three books are available for sale on in either Kindle or paperback formats (see links below).

Understanding a Wager: To gamble or not to gamble, that is the question<>

Coptic Spring (Regression, #1) <>

The Writer’s Manifesto: Rules for Writing with Class <>

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Sarah Ramsay
Company Secretary

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