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Hi-Res CopticWorld Logo is the online presence of the Coptic Church. It was blessed by HH the late Pope Shenouda III in 2007 to begin and by the Holy Synod in 2012 to become the official online platform for the Coptic Church.


CopticWorld connects Coptic Christians all over the world. In doing this it is a step forward to connecting Christians all over the world to discuss and address the various challenges we face. This may seem like a distant dream, but we believe that we can achieve it through the strength and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ.


CopticWorld is an entity that brings Coptic Christians together and facilitates communication between us, similar to a virtual meeting room where all Coptic Christians from all over the world can communicate with one another. This includes effective communication amongst the clergy, effective communication amongst the congregation, and effective communication between the clergy and the congregation.


Since CopticWorld already has more than 90% of the Coptic churches in the world on its website, making it officially the world’s most complete directory of Coptic Churches, when it connects all Coptic Christians, it will also connect them to all the churches.
CopticWorld’s streaming team are currently working on registering the cameras of all the Coptic churches in the world that already have their own live streams, and CopticWorld is already streaming 34 churches in 4 different countries with the goal of live streaming every Coptic church in the world. CopticWorld will soon offer the ability to tithe any of these churches as well as various Coptic organisations and charities, it will offer the ability to send prayer requests to any church, the ability to attend the Sunday School of any church, the ability to buy books from any church, and basically anything that you can do in your local church, but on a global scale. The opportunities are endless!


The 1st and primary mission of CopticWorld is to build a website for every single church in the world that allows them to integrate into cities, states, countries and the whole world, and to provide a platform where the clergy can reach their congregations directly, whether it be locally, nationally or internationally.


To help us achieve these mission for the glory of God, we ask that you sign up to CopticWorld today, invite all your family and friends, and get everyone connected. Remember, for this project to work effectively, you have to as many Coptic Christians signed up as you can.


God bless you all and we ask that you please pray for CopticWorld.

CopticWorld Australia Team

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