“Religious cleansing” near the Pyramids


In Giza, Egypt  – 02/08/12: Once again sectarian clashes have broken out near Giza, Egypt.



The entire Coptic Christian population in the village of Dahshour have fled in a disturbing trend where Coptic Christians are
being forced to leave their homes following any sectarian argument or attack.

Bishop Theodosius, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Giza, issued a statement this morning on the events that happened in Dahshour. He demands that the Egyptian authorities apply the law firmly on everyone and for the bullying and robbery of Copts to cease. He also demands that everyone including Copts should have their equal rights, security and safety.
Bishop Theodosius said that there was a Muslim group who were in the village going from stores to houses and destroying property and damaging many homes of Christian families. There was a jewelry store that was also robbed and had items stolen including gold, diamonds, expensive items, etc that are worth millions of pounds. The Muslim group terrorized the people forcing Christians to leave their homes and the village completely.

The attack comes only days after Secretary Hillary Clinton warned Egypt about the plight of Egypt’s Christian population as the Muslim Brotherhood rises to power and seeks to implement sharia Islamic law.  Last month, thousands of Coptic Christians protested Clinton’s visit to Egypt accusing the Obama Administration of siding with the Muslim Brotherhood since the Egyptian revolution of 25th Jan 2011.

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