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Muslim Brotherhood accuses Black Bloc of being ‘Coptic Militia’

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s official website claimed that the ‘Black Bloc’ is a Coptic Militia. Suzy Hanna takes a look.  

COYA Sports 2013 – continuing a community tradition…

COYA Sports 2013

As the 2013 COYA Sports Competition kicks off, the ACM’s Anthony Hanna takes a look back at the golden years of Coptic football in Sydney.  

The Egyptian Revolution/Devolution 2 years on…

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  Egypt’s fairy tale like revolution felt like it was yesterday, but then again maybe it was because the people still are revolting. Reflecting back as reported by Suzy Hanna.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association Supporter Form

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Please support The Australian Coptic Movement Association continue its work through advocating for persecuted Christians in the Middle East and North Africa region as well as run program and initiatives for the Coptic Community in Australia to promote their cultural background which will contribute to raising awareness of Coptic persecution in Egypt.

Press Release from the Coptic Orthodox Church

Egypt Christians Choose New Pope

The Coptic Orthodox Church received severely saddening and deeply painful news about an evil attack on St Mary and St George’s Church in Misrata, Libya.  

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