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Please support The Australian Coptic Movement Association continue its work through advocating for persecuted Christians in the Middle East and North Africa region as well as run program and initiatives for the Coptic Community in Australia to promote their cultural background which will contribute to raising awareness of Coptic persecution in Egypt.

Since 2010, The Australian Coptic Movement Association has been tirelessly advocating against the ongoing persecution of the Coptic people in Egypt as well as Christians in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Our volunteers have tirelessly organised protests, met with Government officials, raised much needed funds for families whom have lost the their bread winners and have campaigned on behalf of not only the Coptic people of Australia – but all those whom support the values of democracy, equality, justice and freedom.

Many people seem to forget that Coptic Christians are the largest Christian minority in a region constantly threatened by rising fundamentalism and extremism. The war on terror does not only exist on the battlefields of Baghdad or the deserts of Mali – but they also exist in the streets of Naga Hammadi, Alexandria and Giza, where extremist fundamentalists kidnap young girls to humiliate and extort their families, where militant fanatics hunt down converts in an act of vengeance and where Churches and Coptic homes and businesses witness bombings, drive by shootings and constant brutal attacks on a near daily basis.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association stands on the foundations of individuals whom want this suffering to end and want the world to know that democracy, freedom and justice is a God-given right which is beyond anything Maslow designed. Many of our Coptic partner organisations collect funds for the poor and needy brought about by the ongoing discrimination and mismanagement of near-tyrants. We at The Australian Coptic Movement however attack the sources of the problem with no boundaries and without fear. Through political lobbying, media exposure, community programs and initiatives and behind the scenes campaigns, we fight against tyranny for the descendants of one of the most ancient civilizations of the world today.

This fight needs your help to continue. Please click the link directly below and subscribe to The Australian Coptic Movement through either a one-off or recurring tax deductible donation today and help us at the frontier of the real war on terror. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. A receipt can be emailed to you by emailing your form to Thank you for your kind donation.


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