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Equal and more Equal


One of our fellow human rights advocates, Amnesty International – Egyptian Action Group coordinator Mina Yassa takes a look at Morsi’s Egypt in a special piece for The Australian Coptic Movement Association.  

Saturday 30th March 2013 – Open Day at Macquarie Fields (Long Point)

Africa Map coloured

The Nile Valley is the source of not only water for millions of people in Africa but also one of the sources of civilization. On 30 March 2013, the communities who originate from the Nile Valley come together to share aspects of their cultures.    

Excuse Me?


Egypt’s President Morsi continually makes the claim that he is the ‘President for all Egyptians’. Suzy Hanna thinks otherwise.    

The Nile Valley branches out to Long Point – All are Welcome

Nile Valley Flyer 30 March 2013

This Saturday the 30th March 2013 The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) is hosting a cultural event to show case a range of cultural activities, foods and arts from different communities who originate from The Nile Valley and its branches.    

Egypt up for sale…Location, Location, Location!!!


Prostitution is illegal in Egypt, yet renting out the Pyramids at an hourly rate happens to be just fine. Anthony Hanna provides his (satirical) insight.  

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