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Coptic Persecution highlighted in Parliament House


The Australian Coptic Movement Association welcomes the attention of the Coptic plight raised in the NSW Parliament brought forward by The Hon. Maria Ficarra MLC, Liberal Member of the Legislative Council and Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier. A full transcript of Senator Ficarra’s speech has been included below. On behalf of the Coptic community, the […]

Imminent attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt


The Australian Coptic Movement Association is greatly concerned over the ongoing threats of violence against Coptic Christians.      

Sydney rally exposing Muslim Brotherhood attracts widespread media attention.


Hundreds of Egyptian Australians and members of the Australian public attended a rally in Martin Place, Sydney on Sunday, 24 August 2013 to protest against violent, coordinated attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood on Coptic Churches and other religious institutions including schools, monasteries and orphanages, the destruction of hospitals, police stations and other public buildings and […]

Thousands Expected to rally in Sydney


The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM), in conjunction with 13 Sydney-based Egyptian Associations and NGO’s will be participating in a protest tomorrow at Martin Place, Sydney, joined by politicians from all levels of Government.  

Hon. Fred Nile MP calls for Muslim Brotherhood to be listed as a terror group.


The Hon. Fred Nile is calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to be included amongst the organisations listed as a terrorist group.      

It is time our voices be heard

Prince Tadros Coptic Church

  Announcement regarding the protest against unprecedented attacks on Copts and all of Egypt.    

I have a dream. A dream for Egypt


Suzy Hanna speaks about her dream for Egypt.      

Coptic Churches Burn across Egypt whilst the World Turns a Blind Eye


  The Australian Coptic Movement Association (“ACM”) is greatly alarmed by the rapid turn of events affecting Coptic Christians in Egypt over the past 24 hours.  

PRESS RELEASE: Australian Coptic Rights group calls for action on Christian Persecution in Egypt


  The Australian Coptic Movement Association (“ACM”) is deeply concerned over the escalation of targeted attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt since the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi.

A Coptic Political Party? Why not?

Sky New still shot 1 (1)

In this article Peter Tadros touches on one of those taboo topics. He acknowledges that it is not a popular view but is there any merit in the idea?  

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