Update Day 3: Egyptian elections extended by one more day.


Egyptian authorities have announced a third day extension of voting to boost the unexpected low turnout in the first two days. The elections were supposed to be held over 2 days from 26 May to 27 May.

The ACM has confirmed with eye witnesses in Cairo that there has been a marked improvement in the voting process compared to previous election such as a quicker turnaround at the polling booths resulting in fewer crowds.

The controversial extension has led to a flurry of commentary on social media from all sides of the campaign. Many suggest that the low turnout (if confirmed) could be due to a mixture of fatigue, perceptions that the outcome was known and Islamists boycotts. Some are even blaming the heat.

The previous presidential run-off saw over 26 million Egyptians cast their votes in the runoff which brought Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi to power. Earlier this year 20 million Egyptians took part in a constitutional referendum in January.

There are 53 Million eligible voters out of an estimated total population of 90 Million.

Check out the latest tweets for Wednesday 28 May 2014 on day 3 from Egypt’s presidential elections from campaigners, journalists, activists and other public figures from Egypt and around the world.

Egyptian conscripts on a lunch break during Egypt’s elections.

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