ACM Relief Fund for Iraqi Christian Refugees

N Mosul

The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) condemns in the strongest terms the senseless acts of terror committed against defenceless Christians and other vulnerable ethnic and religious groups by members of the extremist organisation ‘Islamic State ‘ (IS) also known as ISIS or ISIL.

On Saturday 19 June 2014 ISIS issued a chilling ultimatum. Acting pursuant to a strict interpretation of Sharia, ISIS demanded that all non-Muslims either: (i) convert to Islam, (ii) pay the “Jizya” (a protection tax on non-Muslims in order to live in the Islamic State as second-class citizens) or (iii) die by the sword.  Thousands of Christians have fled Mosul in terror, with only the clothes on their backs. They have left behind their homes and businesses to be ransacked and pillaged.  Ancient places of worship, frequented by worshippers for hundreds of years, have been seized and sacred artefacts desecrated. Numerous individuals reportedly have been gruesomely killed.

ACM believes that ISIS’s systematic efforts to forcibly purge Mosul of its ancient Christian community must be treated as a crime against humanity. Further, the ACM is gravely concerned that the United Nations Security Council and the international community have failed to provide a satisfactory response commensurate to this crisis.  This is creating a growing humanitarian disaster in the Middle East as neighbouring regions struggle to cope with the overflow of refugees. The gravity of the crisis in Iraq demands an immediate and decisive response from the international community.

There has been an outpouring of support for the Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac Christian communities from Copts in response to the unfolding tragedy.  The ACM has initiated an appeal to offer practical assistance to our fellow Nazarenes. The purpose of this appeal is to raise funds to assist refugees with basic needs. Proceeds will be sent directly to locally-based Assyrian and Syrian organisations who are overseeing the relief effort.

To contribute to the relief effort, please direct funds via online transfer to:

Account Name:           The Australian Coptic Movement Association (LTD)

BSB Number:                032-273

Account Number:        317405

Reference:                     Mosul

Overseas based donors may contribute via paypal (see ‘donate’ section of website). A tax deductible receipt may be issued to all Australian Donors on request. To request a receipt please email with details of your transfer.

The ACM wishes to express its solidarity with the Assyrian, Chaldean and Syrian communities during this difficult time and stands ready to offer any assistance it can to these communities.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association Ltd



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