Australian Copts send a clear message to ISIS

Nation of the cross

On Sunday, 22 February, the people of Sydney will have their day to respond to the barbaric and cowardly massacre of Egyptian Coptic Christians by ISIS in Libya.



The savage beheading of 21 innocent Coptic Christians by ISIS militants on Sunday 15 February 2015 has sent shockwaves throughout the entire Australian Coptic Community and around the world.

On Sunday, 22 February, the people of Sydney will have their day to respond. The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) is holding a mass demonstration, “Stand for the People of the Cross” at 2:30pm at Martin Place amphitheatre. Guest speakers will feature prominent members of the Coptic community as well as both Federal and State Members of Parliament.

Thousands are expected to attend.

We are gathering at Martin Place to:

· pay tribute to the 21 Christian innocents who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their faith;

· demand the international community take swift and decisive action against ISIS-affiliated groups in
North Africa;

· urge the Australian government to:

o provide all reasonable assistance to the Egyptian Government to safely return Egyptian citizens trapped in Libya back to Egypt;

o grant special consideration for the inclusion of Coptic Christians in North Africa in any humanitarian intake;

o take further steps in Australia’s fight against the threat of terrorism.

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3 Responses to “Australian Copts send a clear message to ISIS”

  1. Gordon says:

    I’m an atheist but if I was in Sydney I would attend in support of the Coptic Christians.

  2. Brian Carrick says:

    Keep it up guys ,oz United is needed now.

  3. anoud says:

    I think all who consider themselves or support the cause of the Coptic Christians, should adapt this cross as their profile picture on Facebook, twitter or any other media to show unity. God is great

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