NSW backs Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas – Show your support!


The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) stands by Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas and calls for a public show of support and solidarity.

It is becoming increasingly clear from the proceeds of the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into “Operation Prospect”, that NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas has suffered a grave injustice.

From 1999-2001, Mr Kaldas was targeted with over 80 warrants and bugged and tapped for over two years (along with his family), as part of a controversial operation led by his fellow deputy and rival, Catherine Burn while she was a team leader in the internal affairs unit. At the Parliamentary Inquiry, Ms Burn’s stated that she “suspected [Mr Kaldas] to have been involved in or have knowledge of corrupt or criminal conduct by police”.

That statement has been contradicted by NSW Commissioner Andrew Scipione, who on Wednesday told the committee that Mr Kaldas had “no cloud” over him. He said: “Absolutely. He would not have been promoted (to deputy commissioner). I would not have put his name forward if I believed that he wasn’t clear and absolutely appropriate as a fit and proper person to ¬occupy that position.” He also confirmed Mr Kaldas was cleared by both the Police Integrity Commission and internal affairs.

It has also emerged that there was insufficient or no evidence of wrongdoing by many of the more than 100 police and civilians whose names appeared on warrants issued by the Supreme Court, including Mr Kaldas.

Mr Kaldas has written to the committee asking Ms Burn be recalled to publicly detail the allegations so he can refute them, and both officers will now appear before the committee on Tuesday.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association knows Mr Kaldas to be a man of honour, decency and integrity. He has an extraordinary track record of experience, dedication and service both at home and abroad. Mr Kaldas deserves the opportunity to once and for all clear his name and those who wrongly targeted him and other police officers must be held responsible. In the words of Mr Kaldas, it is time to “finally air the truth and right the wrongs. Nothing else will restore confidence in our system”.

The Australian Coptic Movement calls on the people of NSW to show their support of Nick Kaldas by attending the committee hearing on Tuesday at 1:30pm at NSW Parliament. We stand by Mr Kaldas during this ordeal and urge Premier Mike Baird and members of the Parliamentary Committee to do all within their power to ensure Mr Kaldas can get back to doing what he does best – and that is serving the people of NSW.

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2 Responses to “NSW backs Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas – Show your support!”

  1. Dr Maged Fahmy says:

    It is unfortunate to see such an honourable, honest, hard working and a good servant to the community going through this ordeal. I have know Nick Kaldas for 27 years and I have been following his success as a top policeman; acknowledged both nationally and internationally performing his duties in an exemplary manner. I fully support him and hope this dark cloud hanging over him will disappear so that he can continue to do what he is doing best, which is fighting crimes and ensuring the safety of the people of NSW together with his fellow Policemen and women. I wish for peace for everyone involved.

  2. Paul Biscoe says:

    As current President of the Retired Police Association of NSW I would like to say: Nick Kaldas is the hope for the future of the NSW Police.
    He uniquely has the support of the rank and file Police, the media and most importantly the community.
    Nick is a quite achiever, a hands-on policeman who is prepared to roll up his sleeves to get the job done and yet, despite his exalted rank, he is very humble man.
    Nick Kaldas is dedicated to the sworn office he so proudly holds and that is, to the Prevention of Crime and the Preservation of Life and Property and the maintenance of Law an Order.

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