‘Stand for the People of the Cross’ – Martin Place, Sydney from 2.00pm

Jesus Libya

Join us this Sunday at Martin Place and ‘Stand for the People of the Cross’.

In light of ISIS’ brutal murder of 21 innocent Coptic Christians, the Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) is holding an event, “Stand for the People of the Cross” this Sunday, 22 February at Martin Place Amphitheatre from 2:00pm.

This latest attack has sent shockwaves throughout the entire Australian Coptic community and around the world. We are gathering at Martin Place to:

* honour our Christian martyrs who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their faith;
* show our solidarity with the families of the victims;
* demand the international community take swift and decisive action against ISIS-affiliated groups in North Africa;
* urge the Australian government to support the Egyptian government’s call for a UN mandate for an international coalition to intervene in Libya; and
* request that the Australian government grant special consideration for the inclusion of Coptic Christians in North Africa in any humanitarian intake.

We encourage and urge anyone who might be sympathetic to our cause to attend this event. Your attendance is vital.

enquiries: info@auscma.com or call 0418 331 213

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11 Responses to “‘Stand for the People of the Cross’ – Martin Place, Sydney from 2.00pm”

  1. Dr McCosker says:

    Have you invited the Catholic and Anglican archbishops of Sydney? *All* the leaders of *every* major Christian denomination in Sydney should be asked to come. And if they are asked and don’t come…shame on them. And you could ask the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals to ring the ‘passing bell’ during the rally, for each of the murdered Christians.

    • Sarah says:

      All Christians, Church leaders are welcome

    • Nick Folkes says:

      Dr McCosker,

      The Anglicans have become a joke, they are more interested in advocating for Muslim asylum seekers than Christians. The whole Anglican Church has lost its way.

      I will be at tomorrow’s rally supporting our Coptic brothers and sisters. The atrocities against Copts and other Christians highlights the evilness of Islam and its crazed followers.

  2. Peter says:

    Catholics stand with you and support our brothers in faith.

  3. Andrew Hidding says:

    are the Coptic Christians still persecuted and killed in Egypt

  4. Frank Reale says:

    The world is horrified at this barbaric action by IS. Pray to God that this evil organisation is destroyed. CUP – Christians Under Persecution will support ACM in whatever way we can.

  5. Magdy Serour says:

    Please circulate this to everyone you know and ask them to post it and share it in their facebook page for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. ell schneider says:

    my sympathy it is beyond words but I will stand with you,,,, the cross and our loving god hopfully will defeat the barbarians who do not understand the love and good will towards our fellow man that was our lord teaches

  7. Theresa Zayat Narayan says:

    I will be there to support this I hope we have more people st stand together no matter what religion this must come to an end

  8. AdamG says:

    who were the band/choir? Really liked them. Are they part of the group?

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