The death of justice in Egypt


Suzy has fronted an array of media outlets including SBS, Sky News, and local and independent media on all matters relating to Egypt and the Copts. Follow Suzy on twitter @SuzyHanna1

I decided to stop writing about Egyptian politics. In fact, I had had enough of politics in general. Every time I watched television, I would watch weeping widows, innocent orphans and rivers of blood. Egypt doesn’t seem to believe in censoring graphic images, so seeing corpses – some mutilated like the police officers at Kerdassa – is common. There is only so much that a person can take before switching it all off.

I left politics. I immersed myself in beautiful images. Pretty dresses. Makeup. Anything that wasn’t tears and death. If I accidentally encountered deaths, I would scroll past it, leave the room – I wanted to disconnect.

But today, ironically on the eve of the 30th of June celebrations, I came back. Because that day marked the attempted murder of justice in Egypt.
Two years ago, millions of Egyptians marched in unison and called for a revolution. They had enough of a President who divided their nation. And the Muslim Brotherhood has consistently attempted to attack, in retaliation.

The Western nations called the 30th of June a coup and demanded a reinstatement of the Muslim Brotherhood into power. They demanded the release of ex-President Morsi and other prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
But the Egyptian courts continued trying them. They tried them for espionage and murder.

Now, I am giving a disclaimer as to my bias towards the judiciary. I am a law graduate. My brother is a lawyer. My late grandfather was a lawyer. My aunties and uncles and cousins are lawyers and judges. To me, the legal system is a beautiful guardian for the land. In the Coptic Mass, we describe God as “Worthy and Just.” Justice is the most beautiful gift from God.

That is why when Egypt’s Prosecutor General was assassinated, the entire direction of Egypt changed. Hisham Barakat stood up to the powerful, in order to defend the weak. This assassination was more than a murder.

This is the assassination of the justice system for Egypt. This is the assassination of Hisham who has been described as “the voice of Egypt”. He was murdered because he sought to afford them procedural fairness. This is the assassination of everything which the law stands for.

This disregard for the sanctity of the courts is the re-murdering of every victim whose murder went through the courts.

Egypt has watched silently as its people have been slaughtered on a daily basis. But with the attempted silencing of its voice, with the burial of the one who once defended Egypt in the courts, the people have had enough. The people cry out for justice. Because every Egyptian is wondering what is there left for them to kill? This is not about one man. Rather, it is about a country.
Ultimately, Egypt will never accept this. As the world lauds the United States Supreme Court as the highest decision-making entity of that land for its recent cases, I doubt it will question Egypt’s prosecution of this assassination. I doubt that the West will be hypocritical in elevating its justice system to entertain such causes, yet lowering others and in regard to the most heinous of acts. I doubt that the West will question why Egyptians are infuriated and crying for justice.

Rest in peace Hisham Barakat. You will never be forgotten.

NB. As this was being uploaded, a tragedy occurred in Sinai.
God rest the soul of every victim. God protect Egypt.

Suzy Hanna is member of The Australian Coptic Movement Association. With a Bachelor in Law/Arts, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Bachelor in Arts (Honours), Bachelor in Secondary Teaching and Certificate in Theology.Suzy has fronted an array of media outlets including SBS, Sky News, and local and independent media on all matters relating to Egypt and the Copts.
Follow Suzy on twitter @SuzyHanna1



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