Online Poll regarding the demolition of Australia’s first Coptic Church


We have created this online poll to create awareness and send a strong message against the demolition of Australia’s first Coptic Church at Sydenham.

We have received multiple enquiries since the recent media report announcing plans by Marrickville City Council to demolish Australia’s first Coptic Orthodox Church established in 1968.


We understand that the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney and Affiliated regions has decided to no longer proceed with the salvage process after many attempts at negotiation with council citing various concerns.
Current Status

Marrickville Council is now reportedly collecting stories, memories and images from the community about the church, for a public art display or plaque when the building is demolished.


The Australian Coptic Movement Association has created a Facebook Event to gauge community interest to see if there is genuine community interest to revive the renovations and save the church from demolition. In the meantime efforts are underway to ensure any demolition plans are stopped.

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36 Responses to “Online Poll regarding the demolition of Australia’s first Coptic Church”

  1. Please save our Church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please help save our Church!!

  3. ramsis andrawis says:

    هدم الكنيسه هو هدم لتاريخ نصف قرن من الجهاد القبطى فى أستراليا ويعنى ضياع الهويه القبطيه وعزر قلة الفلوس أقبح من خطية محبة المال وتعطيل للكرازه المرقسيه وجريمه فى حق الجيل الأول وعثره لأجيال قادمه والمطلوب تدخل الكنيسه الأم لأن القياده المحليه تنقصها بصيرة الوفاء لمن سبقوا وتعبوا لرفع الرايه رغم قلة ذات اليد واليوم يبيعهم من إغتنوا بتسلطهم على الجيل الثانى وما يلى.كيريالايسون.

  4. Meero says:

    No, if no one wants it, and no one is willing to pay for it, then tear it down.

    There is no community to support this church.

    • Sarah says:

      If you haven’t noticed the whole community is on here trying to save it. Now be on your way with your negative self.

  5. Laurice Abadeer says:

    To Marrickville conucil Team

    With houner i am a coptic Australian lived in Sydney for 42 years and since i moved to Australia this was
    The first church in our community. My three kids are pabtised and raised in there and also the foundation
    Of the Coptic Community came out from this church.
    This Church it means a lot to me to my family and friends and to the majority of our Coptic community.
    We Requesting kindley to Save our first Church in Australia from Demolition please. Thanks and God Bless

  6. Laurice Abadeer says:

    My comments are above. Thanks

  7. Suzanne Hanna says:

    Save my Coptic Orthodox Church this Church our ancient first Coptic Church established in our home country Australia may God bless Australia and her nation.

  8. Nashat Boctor says:

    I am hereby to request and ask and petition
    For not removing the first Australian Coptic
    Church. This is an essential part of our heritage
    and looking forward from the Honorable Australian
    Authorities to save the Coptic Church. I am confident
    About Australia Government and people to keep
    And host the Church.

  9. Poroj Gavazov says:

    Save this church!!

  10. Nermine Makkar says:

    Please save our church.

  11. Philip says:

    There is no need to refurbish the building expensively, it may be done in an economically way “if possible” in such a way to keep the place as part of the Coptic hChurch history in Australia.

  12. Benjamin says:

    want is dad that the church needs help and all of Sydney Coptic orthodox population can not fix there church. How sad is that but it’s ok for the monastery to spend millions on renovation and all the churches in Sydney can’t put the funds together to fix the first church in this country. Come on get a loan and fix the church. Sorry but it had to be said.

  13. Sherif Saad says:

    Please save our first church

  14. Z.B says:

    Please save the Church! Why are we not preserving a piece of history as not only a sentimental value but as the first Coptic church in Australia! Do all our Heritage listed buildings NOT have any significant meaning in the Inner West anymore? Cause it can’t be turned into a “Tourist” attraction/units/cafe/art Space as it’s in the Red Zone for the flight path.. can’t it be saved? HELP SAVE THE CHURCH! Please refurbish..reconsider…renovate.

  15. Dr Khayrat girgid says:

    Please save our blesses historic church

  16. Anna says:

    If it gets heritage listed I think some councils provide grants for maintenance.

  17. Amin Nassif says:

    Once church, stand church forever.

  18. Manal says:

    Please preserve the first Coptic Church in Australia. It can be turned into a tourist site instead of demolition.

  19. Mirna says:

    Please save the first Coptic church!

  20. Jehan Said says:

    If every councel want to modorise its cities by demolishing its history regarless what it is, then this city wl just be “a city”
    This church has lots of meaning to the first coptic migrants from Egypt. Am sure there are lots of locals has magnificent experience can tell

  21. Carol says:

    You leave God’s house as it is! No demon/lition needed here!

  22. Sophie says:

    Please save our first Coptic church.

  23. Catherine says:

    Please save our church

  24. Catherine says:

    Please save our Coptic church

  25. Catherine says:

    Save our Coptic church

  26. Youssef Badie says:

    I believe that we should cooperate to keep the symbol for the next generation

  27. Yousry Eskander says:

    Hi all
    This is our heretage Church,
    From this place started our spiritual
    Please let us look after it, and maintenance it.
    Best regards

  28. Jacqueline Saad says:

    My Australian Coptic identity started here so please don’t erase my roots and history that is shared by my fellow Copts and wider Australian community.

  29. Jack says:

    This particular church was established by the first coptic migrants to sydney and it’s significance is renowned by all the coptic community. Please save our church.

  30. Nagy Beshay says:

    Save the Egyptian Coptic church history in Australia please . We can put our hands together to save this old Church .

  31. Malak Rizkalla says:

    Our view of the church is that it includes all true believers in Christ, whether living or who have fallen asleep in the Lord. The Church of Virgin Mary and St. Mina stablished in 1968 by a small number of Copts, and served several generations. The children of yesterday have become today’s parents, all of whom holds many memories in their hearts with the priests who have served them, servants, many occasions and friendships during childhood and youth. Every one of us still retains in his/her home with something reminds him of the past, wo why not, then, that we reserve of this Church, which if demolished will be erased most beautiful memories of childhood and youth of many of those who baptized and married in this church. Save the church of demolition, it House of God!
    No one kills his/her parents because they become too old!

  32. inheritance says:

    While not being a Coptic I value the heritage of this building and believe it would be foolish and short sighted to allow demolition. Let’s look past the initial dollar values.

  33. Sameh Nassif says:

    Please save the Egyptian Coptic first church in Australia

  34. Ian Bell says:

    I am not a Coptic but I totally support the saving of this church. It is a part of the heart of Sydney.

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