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URGENT: Egyptian Government must act to protect Coptic Christians in North Sinai


It is clear the situation in North Sinai has become critically dangerous for the Christians remaining there. The Egyptian must take immediate action and ensure that Copts are afforded protection in North Sinai and across Egypt. 

Coptic Christians are still being forced to leave their homes

Prince Tadros Coptic Church

It has been six years since the January 2011 revolution and nothing much has changed on the ground for Coptic Christians despite the good relations between President Sisi and the Coptic Church leadership. It is deeply saddening that Coptic Christians are not only discriminated against but also forced to leave their homes after attacks.  Nader […]

Statement on Botrosiya Church Bombing near St Mark’s Cathedral, Cairo

Botrosiya image

Another cowardly attack on the Coptic Church and Community in Egypt. The death toll as at 16/02/2017 is 29. The media release below was sent out on the same day of the event. We have re-posted it again following a website glitch. 

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