Urgent update on the status of Australia’s first Coptic Church at Sydenham


The Australian Coptic Heritage and Community Services (ACHCS)  team led by Miss Hanan Ghabour recently announced that the Inner West City Council (formerly Marrickville City Council) are considering demolishing the historic premises at Sydenham despite a community outcry and previous intervention from the former environment minister, Mr Mark Speakman MP.  

The administrator of the newly amalgamated Inner City Council advised ACHCS  that they would be informed of a decision about the future of the church by mid April 2017.

The expected outcome would be either:

1. demolition as previously decided by the former Marrickville council
2. A new tender process which would take a further 4 years.

It is disappointing that the Inner-West  Council has taken this position as they were cooperative in earlier meetings.

The team at ACHCS have estimated the cost of renovations to make it suitable for use was for just over $2 million due to the generous contribution from members of the Coptic Community and supporters.

We will provide further updates on this situation. In the meantime we encourage all concerned members of the Coptic community and Marrickville Community to rally behind the Australian Coptic Heritage and Community Services (ACHCS) group and check out their Facebook page and website. The team at ACHCS is the main body responsible for advocating on behalf of the entire community regarding this issue and they have the full support of the Church leadership in Australia and abroad.  ACHCS can be contacted on email at austcopticheritagecs@gmail.com

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