Egypt’s Copts living under siege as Coptic Orthodox Christmas approaches

Capture screenshot Helwan

A video posted to our Facebook page shows one of the gunmen casually roaming the streets of Cairo’s Helwan carefully picking his prey! 

Egypt’s Copts living under siege as Coptic Orthodox Christmas approaches

The Egyptian authorities continue to fail to offer protection to Coptic Christians in Egypt despite the Emergency Laws. Gunman opened
fire on the St Mina and St Kirollos Coptic Orthodox Church in Helwan (Cairo) on Friday 29 December 2017. Coptic shop owners in Helwan were also targeted with at least 2 killed.

A video posted to our Facebook page shows one of the gunmen casually roaming the streets of Cairo’s Helwan carefully picking his prey!

In total, 12 were killed, the civilian casualties were all Coptic Orthodox Christians at two different locations. It is high time that the Egyptian Government along with the official religious institutions and Egyptian media stop denying the fact that Coptic Christians are not only persecuted but literally living under siege in their own country.

2017 has been the worst year on record for Egypt Copt’s in Modern history. Unfortunately 2018 looks to be just as bad with two more Coptic
Orthodox Christians gunned downed outside a liquor store in the Omrania suburb of Giza. A week earlier, hundreds of angry mobs attacked
the Prince St. Tadros Coptic Orthodox Church in Atfih, Giza and completely destroyed the church whilst chanting ‘We will bring the church down’.

The Government is clearly not doing enough to protect Egypt’s Copts and these attacks will continue and escalate due to the government’s ongoing inaction.

The authorities have also failed to prosecute those responsible for sectarian attacks against Christians elsewhere in Egypt, resorting instead
to state-sponsored reconciliation agreements which, at times, have involved the forced eviction of Christian families from their homes.

The Egyptian government must also end the prevailing impunity for attacks against Christians elsewhere around the country and end its reliance on customary reconciliation deals which further fuel a cycle of violence against Coptic Orthodox Christians.

Successive Egyptian governments have failed to tackle a longstanding pattern of discrimination and persecution against Copts and rising incidences of sectarian violence, by bringing those responsible for sectarian crimes to justice. Instead of prosecuting those behind such violent attacks the Egyptian government of  continues to rely on state-sponsored reconciliation agreements, which in some cases have involved forcibly evicting Coptic Christians from areas where they are under threat.

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One Response to “Egypt’s Copts living under siege as Coptic Orthodox Christmas approaches”

  1. Michael Bonato says:

    This is horrible … I know what happens in Egypt. It’s the Imams that must be brought under control. Ban all hateful speech especially after Friday prayers, no more kill all infidels.

    I heard the Imam in Cairo just recently on the loud speaker after Friday prayers shouting about Jerusalem and how it must be taken back… then that night the Coptic church at Giza was attacked, and after more and more succeeding attacks on Coptics.

    These Imams are inciting riots and hatred and the Coptic Christians are the target for venting their hatred. Yes it’s time to pressure President Al Sisi to pressure ALL the IMAMS in Egypt that the so called religion of peace must become peaceful and set an example for all Muslim nations to follow suit.

    Any LOUD speaker speech or any speech that incites riots and hatred should incur JAIL TIME for those IMAMs or better still, community service collecting garbage and street cleaning for 6 months.

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