Attacks on Coptic Christians continue despite officials’ rhetoric

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AP released a breaking news report on religious freedoms in Egypt this morning 

The Associated Press released a breaking news report on religious freedoms in Egypt noting that Christians are suffering increased discrimination despite official efforts to address their grievances.

The finding comes in a report issued on Wednesday by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.  The group tracks government efforts to tackle disputes around Church-building in Egypt.

The report concluded that “the general situation of the right to practice religious services and build houses of worship is deteriorating” and that a committee established last year to facilitate church-building hasn’t brought justice. This is
despite report of the Government announcing church licence permits.

It is reported that at least nine churches have closed under pressure from authorities or the public in Egypt.

The news report from the Associated Press and the EIPR findings focused only on the issue of church permits.

US based American-Egyptian NGO ‘Esshad’ reports that Egypt’s Coptic minority came under attack in at least
539 separate sectarian between July 2012 and August 2018.

Earlier this month, scores of Coptic Christians were gunned down in buses whilst visiting the St Samuel Monastery in Al Minya. At least 7 were killed
with dozens injured. A similiar attack occured at the same location last year with much higher casualties.

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