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“If supporting Copts a crime, we are all criminals” on Blogging Day to support 8 detainees

Egyptian activists declared Thursday May 3, a blogging day to support 8 activists, who were detained over their support of the Coptic marches that followed the 2011 New Year’s Day bombing, which killed 21 worshipers in Alexandria.    

Expel envoys, urges Coptic leader


Bishop Suriel flanked by Coptic priests in Melbourne yesterday. Picture: Stuart McEvoy Source: The Australian THE head of Australia’s 70,000 Coptic Christians, Bishop Suriel, yesterday urged Canberra to expel the Egyptian ambassador following the massacre of 24 Copts in Cairo.

Mourning and anger in Egypt


Thousands of mourners attend a funeral ceremony for those killed in overnight clashes as grief turns to anger towards Egypt’s military rulers    

Australia extends sympathy to Copts


The head of the NSW Community Relations Commission has offered his sympathies to the state’s Coptic Community following fatal clashes in the streets of Cairo.    

ACM Media Statement/Video on Overnight Coptic Massacre – Calls for Expulsion of Egyptian Govt Reps from Australia


ACM Statement – 10 October 2011 The fall of President Hosni Mubarak’s Regime post the Egyptian Revolution of 25 January 2011 can hardly be said to have “liberated” the estimated 15 million Coptic Christians of Egypt.    

Prime minister says Egypt ‘scrambling’ after at least 23 killed in clashes


Cairo (CNN) — Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said Monday that clashes hours earlier between army forces and pro-Coptic Christian protesters had “brought us back” to the tense, violent period at the onset of the recent revolution.

Letter to AUSCMA from the Dept. Foreign Affairs


Click here to read: Letter From Foreign Affairs to the Australian Coptic Movement

13 killed in clashes between Copts and Muslims in Egypt

Clashes in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Egypt suffered the deadliest unrest since President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster when clashes Wednesday between Muslims and Coptic Christians left 13 dead and 140 injured.

Al-Qaida No. 2 Alleges Incitement By Egypt’s Copts

Ayman al-Zawahri

The deputy to Osama bin Laden issued al-Qaida’s second message since the Egyptian uprising, accusing the nation’s Christian leadership of inciting interfaith tensions and denying that the terror network was behind last month’s bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria that killed 21 and sparked protests. The message Friday from Ayman al-Zawahri, the No. 2 […]

Christians Under Attack


Attack on St. Bishoy Monastery in Wadi El-Natroun 130 km North West of Cairo. Attack took place on 22/02/2011 by the army with tanks . They fired live ammunition and injured a number of workers.

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