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Where they stand – Egyptian candidates Shafiq and Mursi


Egypt’s presidential hopefuls, Mubarak-era figure Ahmed Shafiq and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate Muhammed Mursi, reveal – in their own words – where they stand on key issues likely to influence voters in the second round of elections on 16 and 17 June.

When Defending Victims of Injustice, Do Not Spare Your Money or Possessions


An article by Archpriest Mathias Nasr.      

“If supporting Copts a crime, we are all criminals” on Blogging Day to support 8 detainees

Egyptian activists declared Thursday May 3, a blogging day to support 8 activists, who were detained over their support of the Coptic marches that followed the 2011 New Year’s Day bombing, which killed 21 worshipers in Alexandria.    

Egyptian Panel Drops Maspero Massacre Case for ‘Lack of Evidence’


On April 24 the panel of judges appointed by the Egyptian minister of justice to investigate the Maspero massacre of October 9, 2011, which claimed the lives of 27 Christians and injured 329, closed the case.    

NSW Parliament remembers His Holiness Pope Shenouda The Third


On the 29th of March,2012, NSW Parliamentarians relived and celebrated the life of His Holiness Pope Shenouda the Third.    

House of Representatives send their condolences


On Tuesday the 20th of March, 2012, 17 members of Parliament rose to give their condolences and speak of His Holiness Pope Shenouda’s passing.    


pope_shenouda 1

The Coalition learnt with sadness of the death of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the oldest and largest Christian community of the Middle East.    

CDP MEDIA RELEASE – Pope Shenouda III Passes to Glory

Pope Shenouda III

The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has extended his condolences to the Coptic community, the family and friends of the late Pope Shenouda III.    

Egypt’s grief-stricken Christians fear a new wave of persecution


Death of Coptic Pope Shenouda III leaves millions of worshippers around the country without a spiritual leader    

London: thousands show support for Christians in Pakistan


Thousands took part in events in London on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the assassination of Pakistan’s Christian government minister Shahbaz Bhatti, and protest about the ongoing maltreatment of minorities in Pakistan.    

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