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Egypt’s shame: Shock video shows soldiers beating female protesters with metal poles


UNFAZED by TV cameras, Egyptian troops have brutalised protesters in a bid to crush opposition to military rule in nearly 48 hours of continuous fighting in Egypt’s capital that has left more than 300 injured and nine dead.    

The Missing Women of Egypt


The winds of change that have been sweeping over the Arab world have had dramatic consequences in countries like Tunisia, Syria and Egypt.    

American journalist Joseph Mayton: Inside Egypt’s detention center


Clashes between soldiers and protesters in downtown Cairo.    

Family of Murdered Egyptian Christians On the Run Due to Muslim Terror


Two weeks after the murder of two Christian brothers by Muslims during the violence that swept the upper Egyptian village of elGhorayzat, the family of the murdered Christians has temporarily come out of hiding to speak of the terror they have been subjected to and decry the impunity enjoyed by the killers, who are walking […]

In Egypt, evening voter surge keeps polls open late

Voting in Giza

The second round of parliamentary elections is expected to consolidate Islamist parties’ gains from the first round last month. The voting will continue Thursday.    

The end of Sharm el-Sheikh? Islamist parties call for ban on Westerners drinking, wearing bikinis and mixed bathing on Egyptian beaches


1.4m Brits head to Egypt every year on holiday – 70% of them to Red Sea beach resorts Tourism down a third after violent unrest saw overthrow of former president Hosni Mubarak Hardline Al-Nour party committed to imposing strict Islamic law in Egypt Sharing of hotel rooms by unmarried couples could also be banned   […]

Islamist parties’ electoral success in Egypt has Copts worried

Egypt's Coptic Christians

Coptic Christians are anxiously watching a theological and political battle between Muslim parties expected to win 60% of parliament seats. The struggle will define an emerging political Islam.    

Egypt’s Christians deserve a democratic future too


A new Egyptian government must work for the good of all its citizens, regardless of their religion.    

Egypt’s Christians worried by Islamist surge


Egyptian Copts, the Middle East’s biggest Christian community, headed to mass on Sunday fearful of what an Islamist landslide in the country’s election will mean for their community.    

Thousands of Muslims Attack Christians in Egypt, 2 Killed, Homes and Stores Torched


Thousands of Muslims attacked and besieged Copts in elGhorayzat village, population 80,000, killing two Copts and severely wounding others, as well as looting and torching homes and businesses.

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