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After Arab Spring, experts fearful of Christian targeting at Easter celebrations

For Christians in countries thrown into tumult by the Arab Spring revolutions, Easter celebrations may prove dangerous.    

As Christians celebrate Easter, Egyptian Copts face repressive future

Copt mourning

AS most of Australia’s Christians look forward to celebrating Easter in peace and with family, Copts in Egypt, the Middle East’s largest Christian minority, are ushering in their Easter season with a mixture of anxiety and trepidation. With the recent loss of their patriarch, Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, and Egypt’s political transition in turmoil […]

Collective Punishment of Egyptian Christians For Death of Two Muslims


After the death of two Muslims on April 18 sectarian violence broke out in the southern Egyptian town of Abu Qurqas El Balad, in Minya Governorate, 260 KM south of Cairo. One Christian Copt was killed, an old woman was thrown out of her second floor balcony and ten Copts were hospitalized. Coptic homes, shops, […]

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