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Protest in Sydney over Egypt violence


Violence targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt is an “outrage”, federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.    

Thousands of Coptic Egyptians rally in Sydney


More than 3,000 people have turned out to a Coptic Egyptian rally in Sydney today.    

Protest in Sydney over Egypt violence


Violence targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt is an “outrage”, federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.  

Australian politicians stand together in call to protect Copts


POLITICIANS of all shades gathered yesterday, united in their hope that the Arab Spring that brought freedom and liberty to swaths of the Middle East does not yield a winter of savagery and persecution for Egypt’s minority Copts.

Coptic Christians protest outside White House against violence in Egypt


Hoisting homemade wooden crosses and photographs of bodies they said were crushed by tanks, hundreds of Coptic Christians rallied Wednesday in front of the White House to protest rising violence against minority Christians in Egypt and to demand that the Obama administration pressure Cairo to protect their rights

Egyptian army must answer for deadly toll at Coptic protest


Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) must urgently explain how a protest against religious discrimination turned into a bloodbath, Amnesty International said today after deadly protests in Cairo on Sunday left at least 25 dead.  

Copts fear Arab Spring is a Christian winter


The latest violence in Cairo marks an ominous development in the story of Egypt’s unfinished revolution. It is very bad news for several reasons.    

Expel envoys, urges Coptic leader


Bishop Suriel flanked by Coptic priests in Melbourne yesterday. Picture: Stuart McEvoy Source: The Australian THE head of Australia’s 70,000 Coptic Christians, Bishop Suriel, yesterday urged Canberra to expel the Egyptian ambassador following the massacre of 24 Copts in Cairo.

Mourning and anger in Egypt


Thousands of mourners attend a funeral ceremony for those killed in overnight clashes as grief turns to anger towards Egypt’s military rulers    

Australia extends sympathy to Copts


The head of the NSW Community Relations Commission has offered his sympathies to the state’s Coptic Community following fatal clashes in the streets of Cairo.    

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